NASA Super Touring News

13 04, 2021

Rain, Cold, Dirt, Warm and Fast Laps

Arizona racers saw it all in March, with some late seasonal weather mixing things up a bit. Despite a last-minute track change to Wild Horse Pass, Super Touring had yet another great round of racing. For those in the social media game – check out the new group for the NASA Arizona Super Touring series here. We set this up because the forums are moving from the NASA Arizona website to the national website, and this gives us another great resource for asking questions, discussing races, cars, and coordinating activities. The great news is that our groups are growing! We have [...]

6 04, 2021

Another Look at Willow Springs

Back in the March 12 issue of Speed News, we ran an episode of “What Would You Do” as the Move of the Month. We now have another look at the incident from a car that gained a position as a result of the incident. In this video, which has a glorious BMW V8 soundtrack, driver Ralph Warren sees the leader get a bit sideways and lifts off the gas to see what develops, then takes advantage put himself in third place. The race director’s ruling was that the lead car was at fault for the contact and he was repositioned [...]

30 03, 2021

NASA Announces Ford Performance Contingency Program

NASA drivers who race with “the blue oval” now can benefit from a new contingency program from Ford Performance. Spec Iron podium finishers in regional competition can net up to $250 in cash when there are three or more starters, with prizes for all podium finishers. In regional championships with five or more competitors, the winner can grab $700 in cash, with $500 and $250 for second and third respectively. This program applies to American Iron, American Iron Extreme, Spec Iron and Super Touring classes. At the NASA Championships Presented by Toyo Tires this September, first second and third places take [...]

23 03, 2021

Scott Oliver and Frank Acosta On Top in Super Touring 3 at Road Atlanta

The weather forecast for the March weekend at Road Atlanta was supposed to be cloudy and 50 degrees. Although, while sitting on the grid for qualifying, it began to sleet, and ambient temperatures dropped quickly. The number of racers in Thunder qualifying was astounding, and when the green flag waved it was difficult to find space for a fast lap. Scott Oliver qualified first of seven cars in ST3, and all of us were within 5 seconds of one another. The weather improved for the race, which included veterans Michael Moore, Jim Pantas, and King Shaw. Frank Acosta, Matt Bohall, Freddy [...]

16 03, 2021

What Would You Do?

Sometimes, there are no good moves available to you. In this clip, NASA SoCal ST2 driver Jim Tway rounds Turn 1 at Willow Springs hot on the tail of No. 921 Charbel Elian, who gets a bit more oversteer than needed. The track space available to Tway on the right closed up quickly and the cars behind him took the opportunity to get around him on the left. There was contact, but at least everyone kept their cars pointed in the right direction. Tway went on to finish second behind the No. 20 Corvette and ahead of Elian, who finished fourth. [...]

23 02, 2021

Eric Magnussen

Racers in GTS3 in NASA’s Northeast region will probably send farewell balloons to Eric Magnussen as he moves into a new class this season. The sentiment is understandable because Magnussen won all the races he entered over the past two seasons. Now Magnussen is taking his 16-race winning streak to ST2 after sitting atop the GTS3 podium in 2019 and 2020. Participation in the Northeast GTS3 class had been waning, in part, because of Magnussen’s dominance. “I think I might have something to do with that. Nobody likes getting smoked every race,” Magnussen said. “In ST2, a lot of the racers [...]

16 02, 2021

NASA Arizona Super Touring Kicks Off 2021 at Arizona Motorsports Park

We kicked off the NASA Arizona Super Touring 2021 season at Arizona Motorsports Park in January, and it was interesting to say the least. Some unusually warm weather led to some great racing conditions after a close call with rain the day before. Arizona Motorsports Park, known as “Arizona’s Safest Road Course,” is a 2.26-mile, 16-turn reversible track with a few passing zones and one big challenge: a sound restriction that forces the NASA crew to set up a single file of cones on one section of the track to ensure that competitors remain compliant with the local sound ordinance. Saturday [...]

9 02, 2021

The Dreaded Dust Cloud

Even though this video clip is only 16 seconds long, the dust cloud seems to hang forever. NASA Utah ST6 driver Todd Green has to “fly blind” for a bit as he drives through a cloud of dust from an off-track moment in turns 3 and 4 at Utah Motorsports Park by a car ahead of him. Most of us have been there, and it’s seldom one of racing’s high moments. Green got through it and carried on to race another day. NASA Utah Super Touring 6 driver Todd Greene in “The Attitudes” at Utah Motorsports Park.  The post The Dreaded [...]

9 02, 2021


Introduction The primary goals for the SEBECO NP01-EVO NASA Prototype were simple: Create the world’s most affordable closed-cockpit prototype racecar that offers the highest performance per dollar spent. Make it fast. Make it fun. Make it safe. The NP01-EVO does all that, and it puts a huge smile on the face of anyone who drives it. The SEBECO NP01-EVO NASA Prototype is a fully tube framed, composite body racecar designed from the ground up to achieve all those goals. With emphasis on affordability and durability, the NP01 EVO is more cost-effective to campaign than many production cars converted for racing, and [...]

26 01, 2021

Nissan Announces 2021 NASA Racing Contingency Program

NASA Nissan racers will welcome the news that Nissan Motorsports has renewed its contingency programs for 2021. As in years past, competitors must comply with certain decal requirements and complete a 2021 registration form, but the program remains largely the same. Benefits of the NISMO program included special parts pricing directly from Nissan Motorsports. Registered competitors can enter their car’s VIN and begin searching for parts. Nissan Motorsports will keep your credit card information on file for speedy processing. Contingency prizes for Spec Z and Super Touring classes are available for regional racing and up to $1,500 in prize money at [...]