NASA Super Touring News

16 04, 2019

Tage Evanson and His Honda Civic Take a Sideways Pass in the Grass

The track map for the Bondurant course at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park might look simple, but there’s a section of esses with subtle elevation changes that make it a little more complex than it might appear. NASA Arizona Regional Director Tage Evanson gets a little crossed up in his ST2 Honda Civic and ends up sideways while making a pass on a Porsche 944, when he finally gathered it up. Just behind Evanson was Drew Wadolny in his ST2 Mustang, who gave us another look at the pass.

28 01, 2019

NASA Announces New Endurance Racing Class Rules for 2019

Building on the success of its updated Super Touring rules structure, the National Auto Sport Association is excited to announce that it also will adopt Super Touring rules for its endurance racing series across the country. That means the new endurance class rules will apply to the Western Endurance Racing Challenge series and will also be eligible for NASA’s new Team Racing Endurance Challenge that debuted in 2018. Existing endurance classes will equate to the new ST classes as follows: ESR = SU ES = ST1/ST2 E0 = ST3 E1 = ST4 E2 = ST5 E3 = ST6 NASA has also [...]

15 12, 2018

2019 ST/TT Car Classification Form and Avg HP Calculator Posted Online!

Hi Folks, The 2019 ST/TT Car Classification Form is now posted online and ready to be used as both a class calculator tool and for competitors to submit their 2019 ST and TT Car Classification Forms and Dyno data.  Roman and I have revised the format of the form in what we believe are significant upgrades from last year.  The form is much easier to use as just a calculator for those not ready to submit, and it provides a much better .pdf output that will make fellow competitor modification review and official compliance inspections easier.  As well, we have improved [...]

2 11, 2018

2019 ST5 & 6 version 2.2

The latest version of the 2019 ST5 & ST6 rules will be posted shortly. Changes from version 2.1 include: The addition of Appendix C--Additional ST6 Eligible Vehicle Models (those approved that are either over OEM 168 hp or 2449cc) The clarification that 2449cc is the maximum displacement in ST6 (including after engine modifications are completed) Forced Induction is not permitted in ST6 Front wing windows/frames may be removed without replacement with Lexan Limit of increase in displacement on Appendix C vehicles over 2449cc to 10cc Appendix C vehicles engines over 2449cc may only be used as engine swap donors to the [...]

31 07, 2018

Provisional 2019 ST5 & ST6 Rules are posted online!

Folks, We have posted the Provisional 2019 ST5 and ST6 Rules! You can download them from the NASA website rules page or the ST website. With the addition of ST6, we will be deleting the remainder of the Performance Touring classes and putting that series to bed. Please note the additional minor changes that will impact ST5. All changes are in blue text. See you at COTA!

26 07, 2018

ST/TT Car Compliance Database now posted publicly!

All of the submitted ST/TT Car Classification Forms, Dyno's, and Dyno Certification Forms can now be viewed on-line.  The table can be sorted by region and class.  Our competitors have been requesting this on a National basis, and NASA has come up with a system that allows this function.  Just click on the button for ST/TT Car Compliance Database on the Forms/Rules page to access the database. ....See you at COTA! .....Greg Greenbaum, M.D. NASA National ST, TT, and PT Director

8 05, 2018

NASA Central’s Dexter Family is Rebuilding a Wrecked Ginetta G40 For Super Touring Competition

Buying a wrecked car in the hope that you can fix it is something of a bet with the devil. But if the price were right and you had a fine shop, friends who knew tube-frame construction inside out and a son who’s a first-rate racer and an engineering major, you might take that bet, and deny the devil his due when everything was said and done. The Dexter family of Central City, Neb., is making that bet. While the family was in South Florida doing some racing and hoping to buy another Spec Miata, they stopped in at Ginetta USA [...]

20 04, 2018

The How and Why of NASA’s New Super Touring Tire Measurement System

The new Super Touring rules regarding section width came about because NASA tech inspectors were finding numerous tires — not just one brand or one model — where the width listed on the sidewall didn’t reflect the actual width of the tire. A tire advertised as 205, for example, might measure 225 mm, which is kind of ironic because of how closely the tire industry is regulated. Depending on class and car weight, new NASA section width tools will be used to determine the legality of tire widths That created a loophole within the rules, and if a competitor knew which [...]

12 01, 2018

2018 ST/TT Car Classification Form Now Online!

The 2018 NASA Super Touring and Time Trial Car Classification Form (ST1-5/TT1-5) is now posted on the Forms/Rules page of the ST website. It will immediately be obvious to our competitors why this release took a little extra time, as we have completely revamped and automated the form that now does triple duty as an online car classifier tool, online car classification form that can be completed on a computer/tablet/smart phone, and also as a way to submit your Dyno sheets and Certification Forms along with your Car Classification Form into the NASA database, where it can be accessed by [...]

29 11, 2017

NASA 2018 Super Touring 5 Rules Released

NASA is proud to announce that the new Super Touring 5 class is ready to roll out for 2018!  The 2018 ST5 Rules have been posted on the NASA Rules page. As in past years, NASA Time Trial classing will mirror classing of the Super Touring and Performance Touring series, so TT drivers can use these rules for purposes of 2018 TT classing as well. The new ST5 class will be taking the place of the Performance Touring C class (PTC) this season, with a transition of the Performance Touring D class into ST5 as well in the future. Because [...]