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12 01, 2021

NASA Announces Updated ST/TT Car Classifications For 2021

NASA has updated the ST/TT Car Classification to reflect the new year. No other changes were made for this year. Instead of submitting a whole new form this year, ST and TT competitors have an option to edit their 2020 form via the link, which was emailed to them and verify that all of modifications and dyno information are still current, and to update them as necessary. The dyno is good for three years from the time of the official test. Once you have updated your submission, it will appear under your specified region. It might take up to 10 minutes [...]

12 01, 2021

Data, Data and more Data

If you want to see exactly what Mark Petronis is doing in this Super Touring race from New Jersey Motorsports Park’s Lightning course, it’s all here. Petronis put together a highlights reel complete with commentary from the last race weekend of the season. Petronis scored one second-place finish that weekend and a win in the race in which the video was filmed. Mark Petronis is one of the leading ST2 drivers in NASA Northeast.The post Data, Data and more Data appeared first on NASA Speed News Magazine.

22 12, 2020

Last Lap Dash at Watkins Glen

At Watkins Glen International Raceway, problems for the car ahead of you can rapidly become your problems, particularly if the car goes four-off. There’s hardly any runoff anywhere at that track, just Armco. Lots and lots of Armco. With a green-white-checkers unfolding before him, NASA Florida driver Mark Burt took his home-built LS-powered Mazda RX-7 and weaved through the carnage to take the 2016 ST3 Championship. Mark Burt built his LS-powered second-generation Mazda RX-7 at home and drove it to an ST3 Championship at Watkins Glen in 2016.The post Last Lap Dash at Watkins Glen appeared first on NASA Speed News [...]

8 12, 2020

Super Touring 1 Action at Sebring!

It’s difficult to determine which is more severe, the brutality of the track or the car. This video showcases just how bumpy Sebring International Raceway is and how fast a tube chassis Trans Am car can be. The camera car, Mark Burt’s Corvette, started life as a K Brothers chassis with a Camaro body, and its first race was at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park in 1986 in the Trans Am series. Burt bought the car in 2015 with the C5 Corvette body. Powered by a carbureted 350 small-block Chevrolet, the car puts the power down through a G-Force four-speed gearbox — [...]

24 11, 2020

Lessons Learned at Carolina Motorsports Park

Drivers are raving about the fresh pavement at Carolina Motorsports Park, but off track, it can be a bit rough, as ST1 driver Tim Gray learned in November. Suffering from a bit of understeer in the Carousel, Gray’s car couldn’t quite make the turn, so he did what you’re supposed to do. He took it off straight, but the terrain off track wasn’t nearly as smooth as the fresh pavement, and Gray ended up bending the left from lower control arm and tore off the front half of the left fender, ending his weekend on Saturday. “I learned a big lesson [...]

10 11, 2020

Member Spotlight: Mark Petronis

It takes a special kind of racer who posts video and data of fastest lap times, shares criticisms from professional coaches and openly shares best practices with competitors. Mark Petronis isn’t a selfish racer, only concerned about his improvement on the track. Petronis wants to raise the competition level among all the racers in the Super Touring 2 class. After all, many of Petronis’ competitors are also his customers through AMT Motorsport, which builds performance Corvette parts. “I get the sense from Mark that he not only wants to go fast and win, but he wants everyone to do that,” said [...]

20 10, 2020

NASA Northeast sees Record Entries in ST2 at NJMP in September

With a truncated season taking place in the region due to COVID-19, NASA Northeast drew a record 13 eager competitors for ST2 for its most recent race at New Jersey Motorsports Park’s Thunderbolt course Sept. 26-27. Momentum has been growing in the class due to the simple rules set and camaraderie among racers in the field. The race saw four rookies mixing it up on track with nine seasoned regulars. After extensive upgrades to his No. 24 Mustang in the last several weeks, AJ Hartman asserted himself as the man to beat during Friday practice, turning fastest lap of the class [...]

6 10, 2020

Last Lap, Lap Record

It’s difficult enough to set a track record during a race, but even more difficult to do it on the last lap when everything in the car is at peak temperature, including the driver. That didn’t stop Luke McGrew, who wended his way through traffic and got the ST5 lap record just as checkers flew. McGrew got a third-place finish and the lap record, and a win in race three later that same day. Nicely done. Luke McGrew’s 2007 Mazda MX-5 in ST5 trim set the track record at Mid-Ohio in August.The post Last Lap, Lap Record appeared first on NASA [...]

15 09, 2020

ST6 Competition at Mid-Ohio!

This race didn’t end as planned for NASA Great Lakes ST6 driver Michael Weber, but the first several laps certainly were exciting and a testament to the challenges of the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and the competition in ST6 in the Great Lakes Region. Weber started from fifth, and mixed it up for several laps when trouble, well, struck in Turn 13. Weber got stuck in the gravel, but he was able to compete in races two and three that weekend, finishing one step shy of the podium on Sunday. Great Lakes NASA ST6 racer Michael Weber.The post ST6 Competition at [...]

4 08, 2020

Live from Pocono Raceway!

Here’s a great lap from NASA Northeast driver Edgar Morales at Pocono Raceway, which has far better asphalt than any other road in Pennsylvania — it’s probably not maintained by PennDOT. It looks like a real hoot to drive. Morales has since added a full cage to his car and moved up into racing his Subaru BRZ in ST5. Well done! Edgar Morales ST5 Subaru BRZ.The post Live from Pocono Raceway! appeared first on NASA Speed News Magazine.